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Fluxo de Favela 2E

Fluxo de Favela 2

Fluxo de Favela 2
04:12GR6 Music




EMC Leh, MC Luki, MC Kanhoto, Mc Leh Feat Mc Nego Blue, MC Kelvinho, MC Nego Blue, Dj Nene, Mc Luki, Mc Kanhoto, Mc Leh, Mc Nego Blue, Mc Kelvinho, Dj Nene - Originais
EDJ Raul, Dj Luizinho, Grego MC, MC PH, MC Gudan, Hugo CNB, MC Leh, MC Amaral, MC Kako, MC Juninho Souza, Dj Luizinho MPC, Dj Raul, Dj Luizinho Mpc, Grego Mc, Mc Ph, Mc Gudan, Hugo Cnb, Mc Leh, Mc Amaral, Mc Kako, Mc Juninho Souza - SET DJ RAUL E DJ LUIZINHO
Rouba a Cena
MC Leh, MC Luki, Mc Charmozo, Mc Leh, Mc Luki, Mc Charmozo - Rouba a Cena
Peaky Blinders
EMC Leh - Peaky Blinders
Bom Malandro
MC Menor Da VG, MC Leh, MC Luki, Mc Leh Feat Mc Lozin, MC Snup, MC Lozin, Mc Menor Da Vg, Mc Luki, Mc Leh Feat. Mc Lozin, Mc Snup - Bom Malandro
MC Capelinha, MC Leh, Grego MC, MC Luki, Dj Luizinho Mpc Feat Mc Luki, MC Guizinho SP, Dj Luizinho MPC, Dj Luizinho Mpc Feat. Mc Luki, Mc Capelinha, Mc Leh, Mc Guizinho Sp, Grego Mc - Tsunami
MC IG, MC Leh, Mc Leo Da Baixada, MC Boy Do Charmes, Mc Boy Do Charmes Feat Mc Leh, Mc Ig, Mc Leo Da Baixada, Mc Boy Do Charmes Feat. Mc Leh - OPS
Set O Vitorioso
EMC Joãozinho VT, MC Menor Da VG, MC IG, MC Leh, MC Jeh Da 6, MC Luki, MC PH, Menor MC, Mc Joãozinho Vt Feat Mc Menor Da Vg, MC Dede, MC Bo, MC B.O, Mc Ig, Mc Ph, Mc Joãozinho Vt Feat. Mc Menor Da Vg, Menor Mc, Mc Luki, Mc Leh, Mc Dede, Mc B.o, Mc Jeh Da 6 - Set O Vitorioso
House Party
EMC Leh, MC Neguinho BDP, Mc Neguin Da Brc Feat Vinex, Dj Gh, MC Charmosinho, MC Neguin Da BRC, Vinex, Mc Leh, Mc Neguinho Bdp, Mc Neguin Da Brc Feat. Vinex, Dj Gh, Mc Charmosinho - House Party
Anitta Ou Rihanna
EMC Luki, MC Leh, MC Capelinha, Dj Luizinho MPC, Mc Luki, Mc Leh, Mc Capelinha, Dj Luizinho Mpc - Anitta Ou Rihanna
Albert Einstein
EDj Luizinho MPC, MC Capelinha, Mc Neguin Da Brc Feat Mc Leh, MC Luki, MC Neguinho BDP, MC Leh, MC Neguin Da BRC, Dj Luizinho Mpc, Mc Capelinha, Mc Neguin Da Brc Feat. Mc Leh, Mc Luki, Mc Neguinho Bdp - Albert Einstein
Maloqueiro Chic
EMC Leh, MC Luki, Mc Lozin Feat Mc Vitão Do Savoy, MC Lozin, MC Vitão Do Savoy, Mc Leh, Dj Luizinho Mpc, Dj Gh Feat. Mc Luki, Mc Lozin, Mc Vitão Do Savoy, Dj Luizinho MPC, Dj Gh - Maloqueiro Chic
MC Leh - DDD
Bololo do PH
EMC Lele JP, MC Kevin, MC IG, MC GP, MC PH, MC Leh, MC VK, Dj Luizinho MPC - Bololo do PH
Revoada Marítima
EMC IG, MC Don Juan, MC Leh, MC Kevin, MC PH, MC Ryan SP, Aires 085, MC Davi, MC Bo, MC Luki - Revoada Marítima
MC Leh, Samp Mc, Samp Mc, Mc Leh - Alucinação
Hasta La Vista
EMC IG, MC Leh, Mc Paiva Zs, MC Neguinho BDP, Dj Luizinho MPC - Hasta La Vista
Pura Calma
EMC Leh, MC Neguin Da BRC, MC Charmosinho, Mc Neguin Da Brc Feat Dj Gh, Dj Gh, Mc Charmosinho, Mc Neguin Da Brc, Dj Gh Feat. Mc Leh - Pura Calma
SET O Visionário
EMC Leh, MC Lozin, MC Snup, MC RK, MC Vitão Do Savoy, Mc Snup Feat Mc Vitão Do Savoy, Beatriz Denaro, MC Magal, DJ Oreia, Mc Leh, Mc Lozin, Mc Magal Feat. Mc Snup, Mc Vitão Do Savoy, Mc Rk, Beatriz Denaro, Dj Oreia - SET O Visionário
To Me Acostumando
EMC Leh, MC Davi, Mc Leh, Mc Davi - To Me Acostumando

About Fluxo de Favela 2 Song

Album/MovieFluxo de Favela 2
SingersMC Leh, MC Kitinho, MC 7 Belo, MC Topre, MC LBX, MC Romeu, MC Gão, MC Grego, MC Vitinho Avassalador, MC Levi, Grego MC, Mc Topre, Mc Lbx, Mc Kitinho, Mc Romeu, Mc 7 Belo, Mc Gão, Grego Mc, Mc Leh, Mc Vitinho Avassalador, Mc Levi
Music ComposerMC Topre
Music CompanyGR6 Music

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