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About Tungevaag

Tungevaag, also known as Martin Tungevaag, is a Norwegian DJ, producer, and songwriter who has made a significant impact in the electronic dance music scene. Born in 1993, Tungevaag gained international recognition with his breakout single "Samsara" in collaboration with Swedish singer Raaban. The song became an instant hit, reaching high positions on various music charts. Tungevaag is known for his catchy melodies, energetic beats, and uplifting sound, which often incorporates elements of tropical house and EDM. He has continued to release successful tracks, including "Wicked Wonderland" and "Play," solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the EDM genre. With his infectious music and dynamic performances, Tungevaag has garnered a dedicated following and continues to delight fans with his vibrant and feel-good productions.