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Mann Taneja

Mann Taneja


About Mann Taneja

Mann Taneja is an Independent Artist who has been on a roller coaster ride because music takes him to the different genres of the music all together. You can find him in the Studio, Composing, Performing, Writing Or Singing. He has been working on his Music since 2007 professionally and has been working with the most talented & Renowned Musicians of our generation Such as Nikhil D Souza, Nikhita Gandhi , Neeraj Shridhar, Sonu Kakkar , Sumedha Karmahe , Amit Mishra, Yaseer Desai , Abhay Jodhpurkar , Gajendra Verma & Ankit Tiwari. He is uses all of his influences & experience to create a unique sound for the Indian Music Industry. He is currently working on a bunch of collaborations with some of the top tastemakers in the country. More than anything , he believes that stories have the power to connect us and remind us that we all experience similar emotions and struggles. When we feel seen and heard, it can be incredibly healing.